XVIII Conference on Education in Health Sciences of Chile has the EIP as the central theme

The Department of Education in Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, University of Chile, will celebrate the XVIII Conference on Health Sciences Education in Chile.

The main theme of the event will be Interprofessional Education.

On May 24 and 25 in Santiago, the event will address important IPE issues such as the human resources strategy for universal access to health and universal coverage of PAHO / WHO and the IPE approach, IPE trajectory in Latin America and the curricular changes, the experiences of the international and national work teams in the IPE theme, the practical experiences of IPE in Europe, the reality of Brazil and the current situation Chile and the perspectives of the IPE in the Americas.

The event will be a propitious moment to reaffirm the need to consider the incorporation of IPE in the education and health policies in the region of the Americas.

 Download the programme.