Representatives of educational institutions from Colombia, Chile and Argentina formalize the creation of UNIRED-EIP and hold the first meeting of the Network

On November 18 and 19, 2019, at the University of Santander (UDES) in the city of Bucaramanga, Colombia, the Academic Network for Interprofessional Health Education in the Americas (UNIRED-EIP) held its first technical meeting under the slogan "Together Transforming Education and Health Performance."

UNIRED-EIP is composed of a set of universities interested in strengthening academic cooperation for the implementation of Interprofessional Education (IPE) and Collaborative Practice (CP) in Latin America and the Caribbean. UNIRED-EIP is a  special interest group of the Regional Network for Interprofessional Education in the Americas (REIP), with the purpose of contributing to the advancement of the IPE and CP, focusing in educational institutions, on academic and research aspects.

Representatives of higher education institutions from Colombia, Chile and Argentina participated in this meeting. Hossein Khalili, co-founder of IPR.Global and José Rodrigues Freire Filho, representative of REIP, also participated, whose contributions and recommendations, as well as their support, were of great motivation and inspiration to continue working in an articulated manner to achieve better results in the quality of education and care for patients, families and communities.

UNIRED-EIP, following this first event, which will be replicated later in other countries of the Region, initiates a consolidation of its mission to implement academic-level actions that favors the progress and sustainability of the IPE and CP strategy in institutions and countries.

As significant results of this first meeting highlight the following:

The formulation of the action plan for the 2020 and the definition of its four priority axes with specific leaders, activities and deadlines, as well as advancing the accuracy of the constituent criteria for UNIRED-EIP membership, which will be presented shortly.

The four axes of work agreed upon by UNIRED-EIP members for next year were:

  1. Provide IPE faculty development initiatives appropriate to the context of Latin America and the Caribbean;
  2. Support and guide research in IPE;
  3. Establish guidelines for curriculum transformation focusing on IPE;
  4. Hold IPE events in conjunction with training institutions interested in the topic and disseminate the activities carried out to make IPE & CP results visible in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The UNIRED-EIP axes of work were developed from a strategic response to the common problems of the training institutions, as well as the region around the theme of the IPE and CP, with the expectation that their results will serve as a reference for decision making and can contribute to what REIP proposes.

The next UNIRED-EIP meeting will be held in Argentina in 2020, under the coordination of the National University of the Litoral.

Universities that participated in the UNIREDEIP Technical meeting and that are part of it:

  • University of Chile
  • National University of the Litoral - Argentina
  • Santander University
  • Cooperative University of colombia
  • National Open and Distance University
  • University of the North of Barranquilla
  • National university of Colombia
  • University Antonio Narino
  • San Buenaventura University of Cartagena