Recording Webinar: Faculty development: one of the keys to the success of interprofessional education in health

On June 29, the Webinar "Faculty development: one of the keys to the success of Interprofessional Education" was held.

The webinar is part of the series of webinars on the theme "Interprofessional Education (IPE) to achieve the universal health", which is being developed by PAHO in conjunction with the Regional Network of Interprofessional Education of the Americas (REIP).

The activity had a large number of participants from the countries of the Americas.


Recording webinar



Formación de profesores: una de las claves para el éxito de la educación interprofesional en salud
  Dr. Eva María Icarán Francisco, Faculty of Biomedical Sciences and Health of the European University of Madrid, Spain


The next webinar will be on September 20 on the topic: "The use of interprofessional education in continuing education of health professionals: contributions to the improvement of health systems"