Peru establishes program to implement IPE

The Ministry of Health of Peru, through the General Directorate of Health Personnel (DIGEP), in coordination with the Pan American Health Organization / World Health Organization (PAHO / WHO) and the National Interprofessional Education working group, carried out , on December 6th, the event: International and National Experiences in Interprofessional Education in Health (IPE).

The event had several speakers and national experts on the theme of IPE, as well as representatives from Argentina, Brazil and Colombia.

The activity is part of the country's action plan for the implementation of IPE, developed jointly with PAHO / WHO in 2017.

DIGEP, together with the Directorate for Strengthening the Capacity of Health Personnel - DIFOR, presented important aspects of Peru's National Multisectoral Health Policy, its Comprehensive Care Model, and the need to incorporate IPE as a strategy to contribute to the overcoming problems in the training of Human Resources for Health in the country.

Dr. Norka Rocío Guillén Ponce, General Director of Health Personnel at the Ministry of Health, during her conference demonstrated the challenges and perspectives of IPE in Peru, reinforcing the need for strategy, its theoretical and methodological bases, with the capacity to develop skills to work in a collaborative team in the health work.

Sessions about international experiences from Argentina, Colombia and Brazil were also part of the event, in addition to national experiences of interprofessional training for family and community health care, construction of an interprofessional curriculum, curriculum reform and interprofessional training were presented by Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, Peruvian University of Applied Sciences and National University of San Marcos.

The program roadmap for the implementation of the IPE processes in Peru was established through the rapporteur coordinated by Dr. Lizardo Huamán Angulo, who is part of the work team of the IPE group in Peru - DIFOR / DIGEP / MINSA Technical Team and by Lily Cortez Yacila - Executive Director of the Health Personnel Training Directorate.

The proposal to implement IPE in Peru

The proposal is to work with the implementation of IPE based on the regulations in Health and Education established in the country, considering the demands of the population, involving educational institutions, institutions providing health services, associations of colleges, the National Evaluation System, Accreditation and Certification of Educational Quality (SINEACE) and National Superintendence of Higher Education (SUNEDU) of Peru, to advance the organized structure of interprofessional teams in Primary Health Care (PHC) in the country, with the provision of services through a team basic (physician, midwife and nurse), expanded health team (psychologist, nutritionist, dentist, etc.) and specialized support team (specialists in headlines that support in an itinerant way) from the IPE and the collaborative practice in health.