Available the recordings of the 4th Regional Meeting of IPE in the Americas


On November 23 and 30, 2020, the "4th Regional Technical Meeting of Interprofessional Education in the Americas" took place, whose theme was “Resilient health systems for interprofessional collaboration in the COVID-19 pandemic era: experiences in the Region of the Americas”.

The host country for this meeting was Uruguay. The event jointly organized by the Regional Network for Interprofessional Education in the Americas (REIP) and the Faculty of Nursing of the University of the Republic of Uruguay (UdelaR), was sponsored and supported by the Health Area of this University.

With the current circumstances, the meeting was held virtually for the first time (Zoom Platform and simultaneous transmission through YouTube) and the presentations were made synchronously (transmission via streaming through the YouTube Channel of the Faculty of Nursing of the University of the Republic (UDELAR) or asynchronous for which some of the speakers recorded their presentations, which were presented according to the event's program.

As in previous meetings, the guests at this meeting were professionals from the Pan American Health Organization / World Health Organization (PAHO / WHO), authorities from the ministries of health and education, participants in previous meetings, members of the University Education Network Interprofessional of the Americas (UNIRED-EIP), training institutions and health services in the countries of the Region of the Americas.

The event counted with many participants, being able to verify more than a thousand views in the two days of the event.


1st Day of the meeting

Officials and representatives of different organizations such as PAHO / Uruguay, Ministry of Health of Uruguay, University of the Republic of Uruguay, representative of PAHO / Washington, president of the Global Confederation of IPE and CP, president of the 10th International conference on IPE and CP and REIP representative participated in the welcoming session.

Here you can watch the video of the welcoming session of the president of the Global Confederation of IPE and CP - Johanna Dahlberg.

Here you can watch the welcome video of the President of the 10th International Conference on IPE and CP - Alla El-Awaisi

The greetings were very auspicious for the event and were made with a synchronous presentation by some speakers and a video presentation with subtitles in Spanish by other speakers.

The  central conference of the meeting was held by José Francisco García Gutiérrez, (PAHO / Washington), coordinated by Wilson Benia (PAHO / Uruguay), who argued, among other aspects, that this pandemic has worked as an opportunity that is “allowing development creativity, flexibility and assertiveness“ in education in all its spaces (from initial training to universities).

The Panel: Government public policies - Academy / training institutions - The impact of the pandemic on training and interprofessional work - Shaping National IPE Networks: the UNIRED-EIP experience in the COVID-19 pandemic era was attended by Giovanni Escalante ( PAHO / WHO Uruguay), who spoke about the paradigm shift towards the concept of health and well-being, emphasizing the need to protect health, since patients who had greater severity in the evolution of COVID -19 presented pathologies associated with the style of life linked to chronic diseases. He considered that IPE and CP are strategies that will help to face the difficulties that arose in this health crisis. Mónica Espinosa (UNIRED-EIP) presented the experience and activities of UNIRED-EIP, established some time ago in coordination with REIP. UNIRED-EIP has developed an Interprofessional internship program and curriculum internationalization for IPE based on the cases of the COVID-19 pandemic, in addition to analyzing experiences related to vulnerable populations. UNIRED-EIP reiterated that its experiences should be extended to other countries and to graduate education. In third place, Dr. Rafael Radi (Coordinator of the Advisory Group of Honorary Scientists of the Presidency of the Republic of Uruguay) participated, who presented some lessons learned during the pandemic.

2nd day of the meeting

On this day, several activities were held as conferences, two panels and one session coordinated by REIP members.

The Conference “Guidelines for establishing IPE proposals in the countries of the Americas region with the pandemic COVID-19: beginning to plan the new” was held through previously recorded videos, in which all speakers responded to the premise indicated by the organization of the meeting. Four majors international IPE references participated in it: Hugh Barr, John Gilbert, Hossein Khalili and Barbara Brandt.

During their presentations, each of them addressed the following topics:

Hugh Barr: demonstrated the importance that "we can learn from each other in the interprofessional family". He considered that there is a challenge given by the pandemic that knows no boundaries between professions, which creates unprecedented opportunities for collaboration, and that depends on our own survival.

Barr also expressed that "the pandemic has generated a cocktail of problems that require collaboration that IPE can contribute", mentioning several areas in which this educational strategy could contribute, informing, advising, without fear that the inclusion of other professions will be diluted.

Watch the video of the Hugh Barr Conference here:

John Gilbert stated that there is something he called the "dial of learning" that is on the move, redefining the role of the educator, causing enormous problems for teachers. He believes that as the learning and development of those interprofessional skills required by the pandemic progresses, there are two components to be highlighted: the first is resilience, much more needed now than when we taught in the traditional way; the second is the ability to adapt (almost daily) to the changes that occur to see that something is not working well in our teaching or that there is something new in technology.

Watch Gilbert's video here:

Barbara Brandt, together with Christine Arenson, they considered that despite the tragedy, knowing that it could have been different, there is incredible hope for the future role of IPE for the health and education system, because what the local teams are doing is incredible. A difficult job that needs support, but there are long-term positive aspects that emerge despite the difficulties, because the work previously done in IPE continues to have real leadership, it is a critical success factor and higher education is responding with innovation.

Watch the video of Barbara Brandt with Christine Arenson here:

Hossein Khalili, presented his conference entitled “Guide to establish IPE proposals in countries in the Americas region with COVID19: planning the new”, spoke about the challenges of Interprofessionality & Collaborative Practice (IP&CP), interprofessional opportunities during the pandemic and about research interprofessional and global contexts of interprofessional research.

Watch Hossein Khalili's video here:

Another session of the event was about Brazil's experience with its IPE plan: advances in the theme and its importance for the national policy of human resources for health, which included the participation of the PAHO / Brazil representation - Mónica Padilla, of the International Network of Education of Health Technicians (RETS) - Helifrancis Condé Groppo Ruela and the representative of REIP - Cláudia Brandão.

The panel: The use of technologies to advance interprofessional care; mental health and the contributions of interprofessional work in the pandemic era and interprofessional teams in PHC and intensive care: experiences in both contexts had the participation of a representative from the National School of Nursing ENEO / UNAM - Mexico, from the Ministry of Public Health of Peru and representative of REIP Chile.

The advances and challenges of countries in the Americas region in their experiences on IPE

Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Peru, Uruguay, Guyana, Panama, Suriname presented their experiences in the development of IPE in the last two years

Watch the video about the Suriname experience here:

Watch the video about the Guyana experience here:

Planning the future of REIP in the pandemic era COVID-19

At the closing session of the event, the representative of REIP and UNIRED-EIP of Colombia - Piedad Serpa - presented the situation of the 2018-2019 Biennial Work Plan for REIP, which made it possible to achieve seven of the ten objectives.