Mexico successfully holds the International Nursing Congress with the theme of IPE

On November 7, the Victoria School of Nursing (FEV) of the Autonomous University of Tamaulipas (UAT), in Mexico, held the International Nursing Congress “Leading Change: The Nurse as a Reference in Primary Health Care”.

The event is based on the celebration of the 63 anniversary of the founding of the FEV, was held in the city of Victoria, highlighting the importance of addressing in the academic space the issue of interprofessional education (IPE) as an educational strategy to contribute with the nurse's training.

The event was attended by the representative of the Regional Network for Interprofessional Education in the Americas (REIP), José Rodrigues Freire Filho.

Dr. Rodrigues said that Congress represents an opportunity to learn more about the importance of IPE for the training of nurses, as a way to contribute to the development of collaborative practices and teamwork in Primary Health Care.

In addition, he has reinforced that the nurse who, integrated into the interprofessional team of PHC services, contributes to the management of care for people with risk factors, mild acute diseases and chronic disorders diagnosed according to the protocols.

He also pointed out the relevance of incorporating innovative topics to improve nursing practice and care in PHC, in addition to addressing the impact that IPE has for the health of the population, by influencing the improvement of health practices, cost reduction, contribution to patient safety.

Dr. Rodrigues has encouraged the participants of the event to develop IPE pilot projects in order to promote changes in curricular programs. As part of the congress program, other conferences were given such as “Stigma and addictions: In the role of professionals in primary health care”; "Nursing Intervention, for the reduction of illicit drug use"; “Implementation of initiatives to promote health in the face of Alzheimer's dementia and disease in Latin cultures”; “Self-care for health professionals” and “Health Promotion at the community level”.