IPE at the National Congress of Medical Education

On March 25, 26 and 27, 2019, the National Congress of Medical Education was held in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. Key executives of the World Federation of Medical Education and global experts in the field gathered as well as representatives from the Medical Schools of Colombia and the Region of the Americas to create a space for reflection on the need to transform medical education according to reality, expectations and current educational trends and practices.

The event, organized by the Colombian Association of Medical Schools (ASCOFAME), focused on central themes organized around three lines of action: student-centered education and interprofessional work teams, quality of medical education in the 21st century, humanism and professionalism in Medical Education.

Colombia, represented by the University of Santander, gave a presentation with the work "Curriculum Dilemmas for Interprofessional Education in Health" presented by Reimundo Llanes Pelegrín, based on the institution's experiences in the thematic area of Clinical Management and Patient Safety and on the importance of curricular inclusion of IPE in health programs.

The references for the presentation were the National IPE Plan, led by the Colombia Ministries of Health and Social Protection and National Education, as well as the recommendations of the regional technical meetings held in Bogotá (2016), Brasilia (2017) and Buenos Aires (2018) coordinated by PAHO / WHO.

In addition, was presented the newly created University Network for the IPE (UNIREDEIP) in the Region, which includes representatives of the health programs at universities of Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia.