IPE Implementation in the Americas Region Presents at Largest US Event

Collaborating Across Borders (CAB) is North America's premier conference on interprofessional education (IPE) and collaborative practice. The biannual event aims to bring together educators, researchers, practitioners, students and patients from Canada and the United States to discuss key issues in education, practice, leadership and interprofessional health policies.

The 7th edition of the Conference was held October 20 – 23 in Indianapolis, a city that became a reference in health sciences research, organized by the University of Indiana, that aimed:

  • Share the latest knowledge about IPE and collaborative practice.
  • Discuss important issues related to IPE and collaborative practice, including policy issues, and how they might be addressed.
  •  Form collaborative relationships.

In the event a session was presented about the overview of national IPE plans developed in 19 countries in Latin American and Caribbean during 2017-2019, with the support of PAHO / WHO.

An overview of IPE networks in Latin America and the Caribbean: an analysis of the implementation of IPE plans in 19 countries was presented at the event, based on the article published in the Social Innovations Journal, led by John Gilbert ( Professor Emeritus, University of British Columbia, Canada) and authored by José Rodrigues Freire Filho, José Francisco Garcia Gutierrez, Silvia Helena De Bortoli Cassiani and Fernando Antonio Menezes da Silva.

Access the article here: http://bit.ly/34NEu7x

Important issues discussed during the session were the establishment of the Regional Network for IPE in the Americas (REIP) and the set of 19 countries that presented national action plans for the IPE implementation. The overall results derived from the evaluation of these plans were systematized in four dimensions:

  1. activities related to dissemination and research on IPE;
  2. faculty recruitment and development;
  3. legislation mechanisms, and
  4. IPE in permanent education programs.

Figura: Actividades de los planes de EIP de los países de acuerdo con las dimensiones del análisis.

Figure : Activities of countries' IPE plans according to the dimensions of analysis.

The session demonstrated the advances that Latin American and Caribbean countries have on the IPE, as well as highlighting the role of international organizations (PAHO/WHO) in articulating and collaborating with countries to incorporate innovative approaches, such as IPE and interprofessional collaborative practice, to transformation of health professions education.

The next CAB will be held in Quebec, Canada, in 2021.