Interprofessional education is a theme in Cuba Health - 2018

The event, Cuba Salud, is an important conference that encourages the sharing of current and future public health challenges at the global level, with an emphasis on the response that countries must give to the needs that the world faces today in issues such as safety and quality of medical care, emerging and reemerging diseases, efficient and sustainable health systems, international cooperation in health, medical education, universal access and universal health coverage, among others.

From April 23 to 27, Havana will host one of the most important health conventions in the world. The Ministry of Health of Cuba will celebrate the event that has among its objectives to discuss the theme of IPE.

Panel: Interprofessional health education in the context of the Regional Strategy for Human Resources for Health

Moderators: Fernando Menezes, PAHO; Jose Rodrigues Freire Filho, PAHO; Marcos del Risco, Cuba and Claudia Brandão, Brazil.

Date: April 27th

Time: 11:30 - 12:20

Local: SALA 9 - Convention Center of Havana / Cuba.