Interprofessional Education Symposium in Panama

On Friday, September 21, 2018, the Faculty of Medicine of Panama held the Interprofessional Education (IPE) Symposium. The event took place within the framework of the VIII Congress of the Faculty of Medicine.

Dr. Raquel Gutierrez de Mock,  moderator of the symposium, National Coordinator of the Adult and Elderly Health Program of the General Directorate of Public Health of the Ministry of Health, one of the responsible for the development of the action plan for implementation of IPE in Panama, according to the commitment between Ministries of Health and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO / WHO), in his words of thanks to the speakers at the event, recognized the importance of IPE to improve health systems.

"IPE is a strategy for transforming health services, reducing health care costs, promoting more satisfying work relationships, and less risk of Burnout. It contemplates a new ‘professionalism’. The foundation of this transformation is that it enables changes in a logic individualistic and competitive for a collective and collaborative logic. It is associated with a better quality of attention and more effective solution of complex problems.”

The event, organized by Dr. Mayra Abood, representative of the Ministry of Health of Panama and also responsible for the implementation of IPE in the country, had five strategic themes on IPE in its program:

1. Interprofessional Education: What is Interprofessional Education? Where does it come from and for what? What does the IPE answer? What could contribute to the complex health system?

2. IPE experience in undergraduate and postgraduate medical technology: how can the quality of care for bedridden patients improve and team work with other community activities through IPE?

IPE experiences in undergraduate and postgraduate Nutrition: What kind of collaborative work can be developed from nutrition with other disciplines?

3. IPE experiences in Nursing Care: How to strengthen collaborative work between doctors and nurses and other disciplines?

4. IPE experiences in Dentistry: How could IPE improve quality of care and teamwork with other disciplines?

5. IPE and experiences and opportunities in Health Systems: What opportunities does our health system offer for collaborative and interdisciplinary work? What can be achieved when working in teams harmoniously?

Speakers at the symposium were the directors of the University of Panama School, Amanda Young (Medical Technology), Gerarda Morales (Nutrition), Raquel Villalobos Cortez (representation of the Pro-Rector of Dentistry), Dora Trejos (representation of the Rector Dentistry) Dora Trejos (representation of the Nursing Director), still Migna Villarreal, Icly Jaén, Artur Gómez and Alfredo Macharaviaya.

The symposium held in Panama is an important event to strengthen the incorporation of IPE theme into education and health policies, and how this approach potentially contributes to meeting the needs of health systems.