Interprofessional Education Issues at the Canadian Health Workforce Conference - 2018

The Canadian Health Workforce Conference (CHWC), held October 4th – 5th 2018, in Gatineau, Quebec -  Canada, brought together a large group of policymakers, academics, researchers, practitioners, and students to discuss issues related to strength health workforce.

The theme of the third edition of the conference - CHWC was " “Ensuring a Fit-For-Purpose Health Workforce” whose proposal is in line with the Global Human Resources Strategy for Health: Workforce 2030, which recommends that health ministries and partners identify long-term priorities for health workforce implementation.

Important approaches, such as the need to invest in robust information systems to guide planning for the establishment of a health workforce that is appropriate to needs, were one of the most relevant topics discussed during the event.

The purpose of the Canadian conference, in general, was to engage in knowledge exchange and meaningful discussion on a range of health workforce issues and showcase the latest research and cutting-edge technology and innovation for health workforce policy, planning and management in this area.

At the session of the event - Workforce Planning in the Americas, Dr. Silvia Cassiani and Dr. José Rodrigues from PAHO / WHO presented the experiences of implementation of Interprofessional Health Education in the Region of the Americas. The relevance of the presentation during the event was seen as an opportunity to demonstrate how PAHO / WHO has been exploring innovative and important issues for strengthening the health workforce.