Honduras formalizes the Inter-institutional Technical Board for IPE

The group of professionals and professors of the medical, pharmacy, microbiology, nursing, dentistry courses of the universities that offer graduations in the health area of Honduras, including the National Autonomous University of Honduras and the Central American Technological University, together with the Ministry of Health of Honduras and Pan American Health Organization / World Health Organization, held a technical meeting on Interprofessional Health Education on May 7, 2019.

The objective of the event was to socialize with the academic community, university rectors, heads of health sciences departments, and health care units of the different universities of the country, the subject of interprofessionalism, as proposed by PAHO / WHO, and discuss the plan of action for the country, which was presented to PAHO in the year 2018.

Dr. Carlos Ayala, PAHO / WHO Advisor on Health Systems and Services in Honduras, started the meeting highlighting the importance of IPE for improving health care.

Dr. Mireya Fuentes, Director of Human Resources Development in Health of the Ministry of Health, made the introduction about EIP, highlighting its importance and the relationship that exists between the academic and the health services area, whose focus should be on the establishment of efforts for training aimed at collaborative practices to improve the quality of care in health.

Dr. José Rodrigues, Regional Adviser for Interprofessional Health Education at PAHO / WHO, gave a presentation on IPE and the advancement of the topic in the Region of the Americas, highlighting basic concepts and presenting general aspects and how IPE comes advancing in the countries. In addition, he gave information about an upcoming IPE virtual course that will be available to the countries soon, as well as the series of webinars that have been or will be held on the subject in the coming weeks and for which they will be open to the public, therefore, requested wide for disclosure by the institutions and universities of the country. Finally, it disseminated information on the Regional Network for Interprofessional Education in the Americas (REIP).

Dr. José Raúl Arita Chávez, Director of the University School of Health Sciences at UNAH-Valle de Sula, shared the experience of his participation, representing Honduras, at the IPE conferences that PAHO promoted in previous years. In addition, Dr. Arita presented a draft work plan for the discussion and approval of concrete actions to advance the implementation of IPE in the country.

The meeting ended with the creation of the Inter-Institutional Technical Board of Interprofessional Education, with definition of substantial agreements with clear interest in promoting this theme in the Honduras.