Francisco Ariza Montoya


Representative of the Colombian Ministry of Health and Social Protection at REIP, Ariza is a sanitary doctor with 20 years of experience in health education and research processes. He participated in the formulation and management of public health and education policies, as well as in the design and execution of social research projects with a transdisciplinary and intercultural approach. In the Colombian health system, he led the development of models of primary health care. He was a university professor in public health, health policies, interprofessional education, family and community health, ethics and social responsibility in health, among others. He is currently the coordinator of the health education group of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of Colombia and a reference for the national group of Interprofessional Education in Health (IPE), an instance of intersectoral coordination that coordinates at national level the process of implementation of the IPE. Ariza is the delegate of the Colombian Ministry of Health and Social Protection for international IPE meetings and processes.