First Technical Meeting of the IPE Academic Network of the Americas

The first technical meeting of the Academic Network for Interprofessional Health Education in the Americas (UNIREDEIP) will be held on November 18 and 19, 2019 in Colombia and aims to establish the action plan for 2020 and advance its formalization and visibility through the academy in the Region of the Americas, for the implementation of the IPE strategy with a focus on training institutions.

This activity will be held as a preamble to the Third National IPE Meeting organized by the IPE Leading Intersectoral Team, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education, PAHO / WHO - Colombia.

UNIREDEIP's mission is to bring together the higher education institutions of the countries of the Americas to work collaboratively and advance the implementation of the IPE strategy as a transformation strategy in the education of health professions. The largest number of training institutions that are interested in the topic and have the experience of learning together to work together are expected to join and thus become members of the Regional Network for IPE in the Americas (REIP).