The Colombian Association of Nursing Colleges discusses the importance of IPE for the training of health professionals

On March 28, 2019, the Colombian Association of Nursing Colleges (ACOFAEN) held its session of the Directing Council with a presentation on Interprofessional Education (IPE).

The Directors of the Nursing Programs of Colombia participated in the event and the theme of the IPE was presented by Dr. José Rodrigues Freire Filho, PAHO / WHO, who discussed the importance of this educational strategy for the training of health professionals, as to respond health needs. Dr. Rodrigues emphasized that nursing is a category of great importance for the development of IPE because nurses have a leadership role in health services and, therefore, have the capacity to intervene in professional relationships, enabling the development of collaborative practices and the effective teamwork involving the most diverse health professions.

Colombia is advancing on IPE. The country has a plan to implement the IPE, formulated by the Ministries of Health and Social Protection and of National Education, presented to PAHO / WHO in 2016, with different activities.

At the meeting of the Directing Council, the inclusion of IPE in the work plan of ACOFAEN, as PAHO's Collaborating Center, was discussed among other topics of interest to the training processes that involve this area of education.