6th International Symposium: ICF Education as a catalyst for Interprofessional collaborative practice

Coordinated by a Functionality and Disability Reference Group (FDRG) of the Family Network of International Classifications of the World Health Organization (WHO-FIC), this edition of the event will be online and for the first time will take place in South America, specifically in Brazil.

On October 2, 3 and 4, 2020, the International Symposium on ICF Education (International Classification of Functionality, Disability and Health) will address aspects of interprofessionality, such as the use of evidence and experiences on the ICF to explore how this tool it can be used as a catalyst for interprofessional education (IPE), in addition to innovations in collaborative practice, focusing on different levels of care, with special emphasis on the demand for use in primary health care.

The expected results of the event are a set of recommendations and collaborative actions among the participants - specialists in human functioning, interprofessional education, collaborative practices for different levels of care, including in primary care, digital health, epidemiology, public health and management, in addition to patients and users of health systems.

The symposium will focus on the Americas, with the participation of people from different professional backgrounds, with international experience in their fields, and with the support of the Regional Network for Interprofessional Education in the Americas (REIP).

More information: https://blog.cifbrasil.com.br