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Regional Network for Interprofessional Education in the Americas

REIP constitutes a strategy of articulation and technical cooperation between educational institutions, professional organizations and Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education, with the objective of promoting interprofessional education and collaborative practice in health care in the Region of the Americas. REIP is one of the global leaders in promoting and developing interprofessional education and learning and a member of interprofessional.global (Global Confederation for Interprofessional Practice & Education) that includes representatives from regional and developing networks across the world.



Happy New Year to all!

REIP wishes everyone an excellent 2020 with great prosperity and advances in the theme of IPE and in the development of interprofessional health teams.

The executive secretary of REIP intends to continue the good work of last year, but at the same time continue to move forward with the process of implementing IPE and collaborative practices in the region of the Americas.

As can be seen, the process of IPE implementation has advanced throughout Latin America and the Caribbean with activities dedicated to mobilizing strategies to broaden the approach to the reality of education and health, such as the discussion of pedagogies, research methods for promote the adoption and evaluation of collaborative interprofessional approaches, establishment of academic networks, development of interprofessional teams in Primary Health Care, contributing to improve the training of human resources for health and the reach of Universal Health.

Regarding the successful results, in 2019 there were IPE activities in 11 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. We are very proud to see the advances in the theme in our region, encouraging new forms and models for transforming the education of the health professions. This whole process was encouraged by the Pan American Health Organization / World Health Organization (PAHO / WHO) and will continue, based on REIP initiatives that will seek the sustainability of the Network's proposal, counting on the commitment and greater involvement of the Ministries of Health, Ministries of Education and educational institutions in the countries.

The following map highlights the countries that carried out IPE activities in 2019 and it is really encouraging to see the results. For this new year, this will also be reflected in the expansion of actions in other countries, such as those in the Caribbean, to incorporate IPE in their human resources for health policies.

Countries with IPE activities – 2019 (REIP)

All of this and more has made 2019 a very positive year for the REIP. The network's objective is to continue promoting advances in the process of implementing IPE in the Americas region throughout 2020, from the perspective of human resources for health policies.

Check out our latest news and upcoming events for 2020. The REIP hopes that, with your contributions, collaboration and support can further make it even stronger to promote the advancement of education and interprofessional health practices in the region of the Americas.


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